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"I literally didn't know anything about crypto until you taught me, Kyle. This course is great for beginners all the way to advanced! Thank you for changing my life!"

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  • ($997 Value)Learn Where to Easily Find ICO's to Invest In & The Best Ways to Detect Worthwhile ICO's to Invest in That Will potentially Earn Insane Returns! I'll show you how, where, why, when and what to look for when investing in ICO's.
  • ($497 Value)Extremely Detailed Walkthrough of Exactly ALL the Ways You Can Earn Income By Investing In Cryptocurrency With Updates as New Information Changes Or Arrives in this Ever Evolving Market. I'll Even Show You the Best Exchanges I Use to Buy Alt-Coins!
  • ($997 Value)Get the Best Frequently Updated Streamlined Sources of Information that Will Help You Make the Most Educated Decisions When Investing in Cryptocurrency. INFORMATION IS KEY to Making High Yielding Returns on Your Investments!
  • (Priceless)**And ACCESS to me afterwards to ask questions in the secret paid members Telegram & Facebook group where I’ll give you trade signals, etc…
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 What is included in the AYFP Cryptocurrency Investing Mastery course?
A: The AYFP Cryptocurrency Investing Mastery Course includes 6 core modules, plus 1 Bonus! With over 65+ hours of in-depth video lessons and detailed extra resources to go along with! It has knowledge for beginners to advanced and is constantly evolving.
Q: What do I need to get started? 
A: All you need is a laptop or computer and a secure connection to the internet to start trading.
Q: Do I need to have experience in trading and technical analysis to make money using trade alerts?
A: No, we will provide the technical analysis for you and you can learn from us and others in the community to sharpen your skills. But we also train you how to do your own Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis in the course so you can speed-track your way to success!
Q: Is this for me?
A: Anyone can make a profit trading financial markets. I started with zero knowledge of trading or investing and learned it over a period of time without a roadmap, but I've created that for you . My students are making hundreds to thousands of dollars daily whether they are young, old, rich, or poor. All you need to do is put in the effort to learn the tricks of the trade and utilize our community of traders and resources.
Q: Isn’t the market down right now? How are you making money?
A: Swing Trades. You can make money on short-term changes rather than looking at macro changes. Using Trade Alerts from our crypto calls, we can identify the probability of high-potential trades before it happens. 

If you’re still not sure, check out the success of a ton of other community members that have been having using our crypto calls and advice above.
What if I'm not satisfied with the AYFP Cryptocurrency Investing Mastery course or services?
I want you to be more than satisfied with your purchase... and I want every one of my members to hit $1M+ with your crypto investing! I am truly invested in your long-term success, so if you are not fully satisfied after the initial first 14 days you may be eligible for the money back guarantee! Afterwards, feel free to cancel anytime.
What if I have a question or problems?
All students have access to our private Facebook group where they can ask any questions. My team and I are active in the group every day! If you have urgent or very specific questions, you can message me directly via here.
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Yes, you can pay with Paypal or any major cryptocurrency, although bitcoin is best. 
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