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I'm Looking For A Few Students Who Want To Become
Watch The Video Below To Learn How Dozens of Traders are
Achieving Consistent PROFITS in The Crypto Markets With My 
Approach & EARNING AN ADDITIONAL $500 - $10,000+ A MONTH
Results Depend On How Much Work You Put In - This Is Not A Get Rich Quick Scheme
I’m giving you the EXACT blueprint to be a successful trader in the crypto market. You will get the tools & resources that will help you no matter what state the market is in. With my Crypto Calls and strategies, you’ll know when to take action and what steps you should take to take minimum risk for maximum reward along with dozens of other members in our AYFP Crypto Investing community.
AYFP Crypto Investing Mission
We want to introduce you to the most thorough and profitable way to invest in the cryptocurrency market to minimize your losses and maximize your gains; the AYFP Cryptocurrency Investing Mastery Course.

This course is a blueprint step-by-step guide showing you exactly how to approach the market (like a game of chess). On the charts we’re doing 99% of the work for you (although we want you to learn the skills for yourself in the course)! My team and I are in the trenches daily doing technical analysis, looking at charts, find coins with large growth potential, noticing trends before anyone else can take advantage of it and we’re sharing it with our community. 

When I first heard about cryptocurrency I was just like you. I had no idea how to trade and I didn’t always have money. It cost me over a Half Million Dollars of Mistakes and over 10,000 hours in the field to get where I'm at today. Since 2016 I became heavily engaged in all things crypto when I found it was my solution to financial freedom. Since then I’ve mastered how to spot projects with huge ROI potential and identify trends that make insane profits. 

I've taught online and publicly to dozens of students and high net-worth investors my crypto investing strategies in which we've earned well over $1M+ in crypto profits and growing each day. This is the most explosive opportunity to profit without having to start a business and make INSANE daily gains up to 100%+ like have not been seen since internet boom.
It's our goal to do whatever we can to help you achieve your full potential and change people's lives through trading crypto as much as it has for me.
Crypto Kyle Rea
Founded AYFP Cryptocurrency Investors, the most detailed cryptocurrency investing course in the world. Kyle has mentored thousands of students in crypto trading having the opportunity to speak at Block-Con, Discover Blockahins and mentor to multi-millionaires. Kyle's crypto calls have garnered over 25,000% gains since 2017. 
Some of Kyle's Career Highlights
  • His Crypto Clients Have Made Over $1M+ since 2017 
  • He turned $10K crypto investment into $250K within 3 months
  • His Instagram network exceeds over 100M+ people
  • He's a multi-award winning filmmaker, photographer and voice-actor and is on Wikipedia!
  • He's the CEO/Founder of Creative Castle Studios
As Seen On:
Case Studies & Testimonials
These are just some of the hundreds of regular people from all ACROSS THE GLOBE changing their lives & their families lives through Crypto Investing. 
Some of Our Best PUBLIC Crypto Calls
2017 TRON (TRX) at 89 sats which peaked at 2,000 sats  1.5 weeks! = 2,247% ROI

2017 RIPPLE (XRP) at $0.20 which rode to $3.00 in 2 weeks! = 1,500% ROI

2018 ETHEREUM (ETH) at $300 which rode to $1,400 in a month! = 466% ROI

2018 HOLOCHAIN (HOT) at 9 sats which rode to 45 sats in 2 weeks! = 500% ROI

2019 BITTORRENT (BTT) at 12 sats which rode to 36 sats in 1 week! = 300% ROI

2019 BINANCE COIN (BNB) at $7 which rode to $16 in 2 months! = 228% ROI
So what's your excuse? If you're not seeing these type of results you're in a crisis. 
If these people can get the same results so can you. 
How much of an impact will an extra $5,000 - $20,000 a month do for you?
When You Join AYFP Crypto Investing 
You Get Full & Immediate Access To... 
My Crypto Calls And Trading Analysis ($9,997 Value)
These crypto calls will notify you when to get in on a currency and where you should set up your stop losses to minimize your risk, while giving you a chance to make a huge profit using our insights. All you have to do is pay attention to these calls, follow instructions, and if you have any questions, we're always happy help you out. Our calls are up 25,000% since 2017 (we have public proof!) We're up 300% since last month!!
Over +65 Hours Training Videos Detailing EXACTLY What Steps For Maximum Profit ($1,997 Value)
Over the span of 65+ hours, we've got training that covers EVERY aspect for you to become a successful crypto investor. Learn how to trade and NOT be chained to a desk wasting time and money trying to figure it out. This is nearly a plug & play system with dozens of success stories to back it up! The videos will teach you everything from how to approach the market to the fundamentals to some advance techniques we use everyday to increase our crypto profits. This content is always updated and evolving which you will always have access to with your membership.
Private Access to our ONE-ON-ONE VIP Student Group for AYFP Cryptocurrency Investors ($9,997 Value)
Imagine having dozens of like-minds to collaborate with? That's exactly what you're getting with this membership. Some of our life-changing testimonials come from the efforts of our group itself. You have an entire community, here to ensure you get to that $100k (or maybe even $1M+) mark within the first year.
Monthly Live Training Videos With Me to Get All Your Remaining Questions Answered ($1,997 Value)
Get exclusive dibbs on asking me anything in my live videos so you can get the most up-to-date information to help you maximize your profits. If you're unsure of your investment style, wondering about how to profit, limit losses, save money, or hoping for new strategies, these live videos will be your mentorship to evolve alongside the market as it constantly changes.
I want you to take a moment and imagine a world where you could…
 Learn a new skill that can multiply your income from a trader who has done it themselves successfully day in and day out. Follow their methods closely and it's almost impossible for you to fail. 
 Never worry about money ever again. Build a six figure portfolio and the best part? It's a reality that  my students are living RIGHT NOW.
 Take care of your family & loved ones. This alone is worth it for me. Learning how to trade has allowed me to take care of my family and the people who believed in me when I had nothing.
  Travel the world, anytime! Yes… that’s right. After this course you will have the location freedom to travel anywhere in the world you want! I've already been to 4 continents paid for by crypto investing.
Before we go any further, I want you to know upfront that there are a few things that we won't tolerate...
  • No Giving Up! We only want successful minded students.
  • Not a place to recruit clients or promote negativity!
  • Do Not Copy Our Course and Try to Resell It! (We're Trademarked...)
We can only help so many people at a time so we will keep this VIP group limited for now so we can dedicate more time to helping you achieve the results we know are possible. 
If This Page Is Online Right Now, Then A Few Spots Have Opened Up...
Here's What You're Going to Get
 Learn the EXACT Steps to Properly Approach the Crypto Market! If You're Not Careful You Could Potentially Lose Your Entire Wallet, But I'll Show You How to Protect Yourself! ($9,997 Value)
 Step-By-Step Walkthrough of My Top Secret Cryptocurrency Trading Methods that Have Proven To INCREASE YOUR ROI by Thousands of %  ($2,988 Value)
 Private Access to Our ONE-ON-ONE Student Group ($1,497 Value)
 Learn Where Find ICO's/STO's/ETO's With 10,000%+ ROI Potential ($997 Value)
 Get the Best Unbiased Information for the Most Educated Crypto Investing Decisions ($997 Value)
 Detailed Walkthrough ALL the Ways You Can Earn Income By Investing In Cryptocurrency ($497 Value)
 Best Time to Buy, Sell & Hold and Where to Safely Store, Buy, Sell, and Transfer Cryptocurrency (Priceless)
 How to Avoid Scams  (Worth the Value of the ENTIRE Investment!)
Total Value of $16,973
INFORMATION IS KEY Massive Crypto Profits!
Frequently Asked Questions
 What  is included in the AYFP Cryptocurrency Investing Mastery course?
The AYFP Cryptocurrency Investing Mastery Course includes 6 core modules, plus 1 Bonus! With over  65+ hours of in-depth video lessons and detailed extra resources to go along with! It has knowledge for beginners to advanced and is constantly evolving.
 How long do I have access to the AYFP Cryptocurrency Investing Mastery Course?
You have full access to the AYFP Cryptocurrency Investing Mastery Course along with your updated subscription payment! This includes all the new course content updated with the constantly changing market and exclusive access to the VIP AYFP Cryptocurrency Investors Paid Members Group.
Q: Do I need to have experience in trading and technical analysis to make money using trade alerts?
A: No, we will provide the technical analysis for you and you can learn from us and others in the community to sharpen your skills. But I also train you how to do your own Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis in the course so you can speed-track your way to success!
Q: What do I need to get started? 
A: All you need is a laptop or computer and a secure connection to the internet to start trading.
Q: Is this for me?
A: Anyone can make a profit trading financial markets. I started with zero knowledge of trading or investing and learned it over a period of time without a roadmap, but I've created that for you . My students are making hundreds to thousands of dollars daily whether they are young, old, rich, or poor. All you need to do is put in the effort to learn the tricks of the trade and utilize our community of traders and resources.
Q: Isn’t the market down right now? How are you making money?
A: Swing Trades. You can make money on short-term changes rather than looking at macro changes. Using Trade Alerts from our crypto calls, we can identify the probability of high-potential trades before it happens. 

If you’re still not sure, check out the success of a ton of other community members that have been having using our crypto calls and advice above.
What if I'm not satisfied with the AYFP Cryptocurrency Investing Mastery course or services?
I want you to be more than satisfied with your purchase... and I  want every one of my members to hit $1M+ with your crypto investing! I am truly invested in your long-term success, so if you are not fully satisfied after the first 14 days you may be eligible for the money back guarantee! Afterwards, feel free to cancel anytime.
What if I have a question or problems?
All students have access to our private Facebook group where they can ask any questions. My team and I are active in the group every day! If you have urgent or very specific questions, you can message me directly via here.
 Can I pay with Paypal or Cryptocurrency?
Yes, you can pay with Paypal or any major cryptocurrency, although bitcoin is best. 
And remember, there’s absolutely no risk when joining our community. You can cancel any time and we’ll be happy to end your membership if you wish. If you have any questions, you can feel free to call us or email us at CryptoKyle@KyleRea.net .

See you on the inside,

This won’t be available forever. With our community growing and as we continue to add more value, the price of membership may increase, so don’t miss out and get in now while you can. 
You've Got Two Choices...

You could keep trying to figure out all this stuff on your own and waste thousands of dollars and countless hours going through the process like I did. Even the smartest of people… this’ll take years.


You could clone my strategies and get MASSIVE results in a matter of days/weeks...
What sounds better to you?
Delaying your dreams another few years, or fast-tracking your success… TODAY.

What Will You Choose?
Just think about it. A single trade can make up for the ENTIRE investment of the membership. It’s a no-brainer to get in and try it for yourself. Start learning to master crypto investing today and make consistent profits using our crypto calls. Click the button below to join our VIP Group today.
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